You can create a local content library and enable publication, allowing other content libraries to subscribe. This approach lets you control the Tanzu Kubernetes release images that are available for use, while providing TKG cluster operators with a subscription-style TKR service.

Instead of subscribing to the VMware Content Delivery Network for Tanzu Kubernetes releases, where all images are published and remain, you can create a local content library that provides a limited subset of Tanzu Kubernetes releases. Such an approach is convenient when you want to control which images are available, such as in continuous build environments.


  1. Create a local content library, or edit the settings for an existing one.
  2. Select the check box to Enable publishing.
    You receive a subscription URL for this local content library.
  3. Create one or more subscribed content libraries using the subscription URL.


When you upload Tanzu Kubernetes releases to the local content library enabled with publishing, all subscribed content libraries will receiving the images on synchronization. Refer to the local content library documentation for instructions on how to upload images, and to the subscribed content libraries for documentation on creating a subscribed content library.