You can use Tanzu CLI to provision and manage the life cycle of TKG clusters on Supervisor.

Install the Tanzu CLI for working with TKG clusters on Supervisor.


  1. Check the Tanzu CLI compatability table for the supported verison of the Tanzu CLI.
    For TKG 2.2, the compatible Tanzu CLI version is v0.29.0.
  2. Visit VMware Customer Connect and log in.
  3. Select Products > All Products.
  4. Search for vmware tanzu kubernetes grid.
  5. Select VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Product Binaries.
  6. Select version 2.2.0.
  7. Download the VMware Tanzu CLI for your operating system.
  8. Extract the contents of the archive file to a working directory named tanzu.
  9. Locate the Tanzu CLI binary in the file system path tanzu/tanzu-cli-bundle-<os>-<arch>/cli/core/v0.XX.0.
  10. Copy the Tanzu CLI binary to the working directory tanzu.
  11. Rename the Tanzu CLI binary to tanzu (or tanzu.exe for Windows).
  12. Add the location of the Tanzu CLI binary to your system's PATH variable.
  13. Launch a shell or terminal or command line session.
  14. Verify Tanzu CLI installation by running tanzu version.
  15. Initialize the Tanzu CLI by running tanzu init.
  16. View the Tanzu CLI documentation by running tanzu --help.
    Refer to the VMware Tanzu CLI v0.29.x Reference guide for complete usage details.
    tanzu version
    version: v0.XX.X
    buildDate: 202X-XX-XX
    sha: xxxxxxxx
    tanzu --help
    Tanzu CLI
      tanzu [command]
    Available command groups:
        management-cluster      Kubernetes management cluster operations
        package                 Tanzu package management
        secret                  Tanzu secret management
        telemetry               Configure cluster-wide settings for telemetry
        completion              Output shell completion code
        config                  Configuration for the CLI
        init                    Initialize the CLI
        login                   Login to the platform
        plugin                  Manage CLI plugins
        update                  Update the CLI
        version                 Version information
      -h, --help   help for tanzu
    Use "tanzu [command] --help" for more information about a command.
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