With the vCloud Director Extender DC Extensions, you can extend one or multiple L2 networks from the on-premise VDC to a network in the cloud.

vCloud Director Extender uses NSX Edge to extend the networks. The type of the L2 VPN Edge deployed on-premise depends on whether NSX is installed or not. The number of edges deployed can vary based on the source and destination networks selected for extension. Configuring a DC Extension with L2 VPN is optional for VM migration operations.

To extend an on-premise network to the cloud, fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • Configure an L2 Appliance. For more information, see Add Configuration Details for an L2 Appliance.

  • Deploy the vCloud Director Extender On-Premise Appliance to the tenant vCenter Server.

  • Configure at least one vCloud Director VDC.

  • Configure at least one Org VDC network as a subinterface the Advanced Edge Gateway.