If NSX is installed on-premise, you must register your on-premise NSX Manager to CX Connector. If NSX is not installed on-premise, you can skip this configuration.


  • Verify that NSX Manager instance is installed and configured in the on-premise environment. If NSX Manager is not deployed in the on-premise environment, vCloud Director Extender deploys an NSX for vSphere Standalone Edge - Client 6.3.0 that is included in the vCloud Director Extender OVA file.

  • Verify that you have finished the initial vCloud Director Extender tenant configuration by using the OnPrem Setup UI Setup wizard. For more information, see Tenant Configuration.


  1. In a Web browser, open the OnPrem Setup UI at https://vCD_Extender_OnPrem_Appliance_IP/ui/mgmt.
  2. Log in as root.

    Use the password that you set during the vCloud Director Extender On-Premise Appliance installation.

  3. In the DC Extensions tab, click Add NSX Configuration.

    The NSX configuration pop-up window opens.

  4. Enter a name, FQDN, administrator user name, and password for the on-premise NSX Manager, and click OK.


The NSX Manager configuration appears in the DC Extensions tab of the OnPrem Setup UI.