VMware vCloud Usage Meter 4.3 | 5 NOV 2020 | Build 17123450

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

What's New

VMware vCloud Usage Meter 4.3 release introduces new metering capabilities for:

  • Site Recovery Manager
  • vSAN
  • vRealize Automation
  • vSphere with Tanzu

This release introduces also improved and extended email notifications, and is configured to use FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic modules to run in FIPS-compliant mode.
For information about the compatibility of vCloud Usage Meter 4.3 and optional VMware products, see the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix.

Configuration Maximums

To view the tested scale and the VMware-recommended concurrency limits, see VMware Configuration Maximums.

Billing Model Support

vCloud Usage Meter 4.3 supports only the Flex Pricing model. The Flex Pricing model simplifies licensing with a single, core bundle and the flexibility to choose individual add-on products as needed.

Supported Browsers

The vCloud Usage Meter 4.3 Web application is compatible with the following Web browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

vCloud Usage Meter 4.3 is tested against the following Web browser versions.


Windows 10

  • Google Chrome 85.0.4183.121
  • Microsoft Edge 85.0.564.68
  • Mozilla Firefox 81.0.1


macOS Catalina 10.15.2

  • Google Chrome 85.0.4183.121
  • Safari 13.0.4

macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

  • Mozilla Firefox 69.0.2


CentOS 7.8.2003

  • Google Chrome 86.0.4240.75
  • Mozilla Firefox 68.12.0esr


You can migrate the product configuration data from vCloud Usage Meter 3.6.x to vCloud Usage Meter 4.3. No other configuration information is migrated. For more information about migration of product configuration data and transfer of production workloads from vCloud Usage Meter 3.6.x to vCloud Usage Meter 4.3, see How do I migrate product configuration data to vCloud Usage Meter 4.3 in Deploying and Configuring vCloud Usage Meter.


vCloud Usage Meter 4.3 supports an in-place upgrade from vCloud Usage Meter 4.x. For information, see In-Place upgrade of vCloud Usage Meter in Deploying and Configuring vCloud Usage Meter.

Known Issues

  • NEW Configuring vCloud Usage Meter to use a proxy server to connect to the Internet fails with an error message

    In the initial vCloud Usage Meter Web interface, if you configure the appliance to connect to the Internet by using a network proxy server that requires an authentication, the configuration fails with an error message.
    Failed to connect to the proxy server: Failed to authenticate with proxy

    Workaround: There is no workaround at this time.

  • vCloud Usage Meter reports the product consumption data for a vCenter Server instance running on a Demo or Perpetual host

    If you register a vCenter Server instance that is managed by VMware Cloud Foundation and running on a Demo or Perpetual host, vCloud Usage Meter reports its product consumption data for the month of the registration. vCloud Usage Meter should not report the product consumption data for Demo and Perpetual hosts.

    Workaround: There is no workaround at this time.

  • vCloud Usage Meter cannot detect vSAN

    If a vSAN enabled cluster is listed with different names in the vCenter Server inventory and the Licensing Service, vCloud Usage Meter cannot detect the vSAN and does not meter the product consumption report to VMware.

    Workaround: Follow the instructions in the Usage Meter doesn't detect vSAN KB article.

  • Adding a new instance for metering in vCloud Usage Meter fails with an error message

    When you add a new instance for metering in vCloud Usage Meter, the operation fails with an error message.
    Certificate error for [hostname or IP address]: can not verify certificate chain

    vCloud Usage Meter validates the certificate chain for each product and expects that the first certificate in the chain is issued and signed by the entity represented by the second certificate. If the certificates of the instance you are adding for metering are not in a correct order, vCloud Usage Meter cannot verify them.

    Workaround: Follow the steps in the KB https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/81696.

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