If you run the vRealize Automation Quickstart, the wizard configures cloud accounts, some infrastructure, a project, and some cloud templates. It also deploys a cloud template. Follow the steps in this procedure to see what was added. You can also use this tour to learn about some of the Cloud Assembly and Service Broker features.

Sample screens from the tour

The information presented in this tour is based on the vCenter Server Quickstart, but the results are similar if you run the VMware Cloud Foundation Quickstart.

The tour follows the basic workflow that you use as you add new cloud accounts, develop your own cloud templates, and make them available to your consumers as a catalog. To expand your configured infrastructure to support a diverse range of development operation team projects, you must broaden your infrastructure so that you can create more refined cloud templates. This tour is only a starting point. It is intended to familiarize you with the user interface and how to use it.

You begin with the console, then Cloud Assembly, where cloud administrators and cloud template developers do most of their work. This is followed by Service Broker, which you configure to provide catalog items that your consumers can request and manage.