You can add one or more virtual machine group and verify the cost of running these groups on all data centers that exists in vRealize Business for Cloud. Based on the cost information, you can plan on which data center you can deploy your virtual machine group.


Ensure that you have added a vCenter Server endpoint into vRealize Business for Cloud.


  1. Log in to vRealize Business for Cloud as an administrator.
    • https://vRealize_Automation_host_name/vcac/org/tenant_URL (for the vRealize Automation integrated setup)
    • https://vRealize_Business_for_Cloud_host_name/itfm-cloud (for the vRealize Business for Cloud standalone setup)
  2. Click Business Management.
  3. Expand What-If Analysis.
  4. Select Private Cloud.
    You see a sample group added by default.
  5. Click the Add VM Group link to add new virtual machines group.
  6. Modify the virtual machine group configurations according to your requirement.
  7. Click Run Scenario.


You see the configuration summary of the virtual machine group and the cost of running the group on each data centers that exists in vRealize Business for Cloud. If the configuration does not match the data center configuration, you see the message stating that the configuration does not match and also provides details about additional data center configuration required to match your virtual machine requirements.