vRealize Business for Cloud compares the cost of the virtual machine groups in the private cloud with that of similar groups in the public cloud models. such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure. vRealize Business for Cloud estimates the costs of running a completely new instance or an existing instance of a virtual machine in the private cloud by using the expenses of your private cloud, and then provides you with a comparison of the cost of the same configuration in Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure public cloud models.

The vRealize Business for Cloud lets you add virtual machine groups or import virtual machine groups from your private cloud for cost comparison. vRealize Business for Cloud calculates the virtual machine cost for the private cloud on the basis of CPU cores, CPU speed, RAM, price plan, up time, operating system for a single virtual machine, and Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN) for group storage. vRealize Business for Cloud searches the instance type to get the configuration requirements with the smallest CPU and memory, and have available prices for the requested operating system, region, and policy.