The vRealize Operations administration interface provides access to selected maintenance functions beyond what the product interface supports.

Use the vRealize Operations administration interface instead of the product interface under the following conditions. You can access the administration interface login page from any node in the vRealize Operations analytics cluster by appending /admin to the node IP address or FQDN when you enter the URL in your browser.

  • Activate or deactivate high availability (HA).
  • Upload and install vRealize Operations software update PAK files.
  • The product interface is inaccessible, and you must correct the problem by bringing nodes online, or by restarting nodes or the cluster.
  • vRealize Operations needs to be restarted for any reason.

There is some overlap between the administration interface and product interface in terms of access to logs, support bundles, and some of the node maintenance activities that do not involve restarting the cluster, such as adding nodes.