You can update your existing vRealize Operations deployments to a newly released version.

When you perform a software update, you need to make sure you use the correct PAK file for your cluster. A good practice is to take a snapshot of the cluster before you update the software, but you must remember to delete the snapshot once the update is complete.

If you have customized the content that vRealize Operations provides such as alerts, symptoms, recommendations, and policies, and you want to install content updates, clone the content before performing the update. In this way, you can select the option to reset out-of-the-box content when you install the software update, and the update can provide new content without overwriting customized content.

Starting with version 8.6 of vRealize Operations, internal certificates are renewed when you upgrade a cluster, except when the cloud proxy version 8.4, 8.5, or earlier is present. Automatic root-CA certificate renewal will be available when cloud proxy is version 8.6 and is upgraded to higher versions. After each product upgrade, the cluster will have a new root-CA certificate with a 5-year validity period.
Note: Automatic certificate renewal does not affect custom certificates.