Back up and restore your vRealize Operations system regularly to avoid downtime and data loss in case of a system failure. If your system does fail, you can restore the system to the last full or incremental backup.

You can back up and restore vRealize Operations single or multi-node clusters by using vSphere Data Protection or other backup tools. You can perform full, differential, and incremental backups and restores of virtual machines.

To back up and restore vRealize Suite components by using vSphere Data Protection and NetBackup, see the Back up and Restore section in the vRealize Suite Information Center.

It is highly recommended to take a backup during quiet periods. Since a snapshot based backup happens at the block level, it is important that there are limited or no changes being performed by a user on the cluster configuration. This will ensure that you have a healthy backup.

It is best to take the cluster offline before you back up the vRealize Operations nodes. This will ensure the data consistency across the nodes and internally in the node. You can either shut down the VM before the backup or enable quiescing.

If the cluster remains online, backup your vRealize Operations multi-node cluster by using vSphere Data Protection or other backup tools, disable quiescing of the file system.

Note: All nodes are backed up and restored at the same time. You cannot back up and restore individual nodes.