The view visibility defines where you can see a view in vRealize Operations.

To change the visibility of a view, from the left menu, click Visualize > Views. From the Views panel, click Create. In the New View dialog box, on the left, click Visibility. If you create a view, complete the required previous steps.

Table 1. View Workspace Visibility Options
Option Description
Availability Select where in vRealize Operations you want to see this view. If you want to have the view available in a dashboard, select the check box, add the View widget, and configure it. You can also make the view available in report templates and in the Detail tab of a specific object when you select the specific check box.

Select a subject level where you do not want to see this view.

For example, you have a list view with subject virtual machines. It is visible when you select any of its parent objects. You add data center in the banned list. The view is not visible anymore on data center level.