The search function on the upper right supports locating named objects, dashboards, alerts, and so on, in the system. The search function attempts to match or partially match any string you enter; additional capabilities enable you to go swiftly to the item you want. The system presents the item in the Edit context.

Where you Find Search

The search function appears on all the pages of the vRealize Operations in the top menu. Click the magnifying glass icon to open the search bar. Optionally, you can press the Ctrl, Shift and Space bar keys on your keyboard to open the search bar.

How Search Works

You start your search by typing in the search bar. vRealize Operations displays matching objects types and objects.

The search function supports several common categories you can employ to find the item you seek quickly, as follows:

  • Dashboard
  • Object
  • Supermetric
  • Alert definition
  • Symptom definition
  • View
  • Report
  • Notification
  • I.P. Address

What this means is that in addition to entering a traditional search phrase, for example, a simple string - "VM" - you can also enter one of the listed categories followed by a string or a name. You can then search for objects within the category. For the Object, View and Dashboard categories, the system displays the object in view mode.

If you want quickly to locate a specific dashboard, for example, start typing "dash..." into the search field. The system offers the search term Dashboards. Select the term using the cursor and then enter the dashboard name or part of the name and press Enter. The system finds the dashboard you want, with editing functions available.

Similarly, you can type "alert" or simply "a" in the search field and the system offers Alert Definition. Select the term and enter part of an alert message, for example, "unbalanced." The system returns the alert, "Cluster has an unbalanced workload," presented in the Alert Definition Workspace where you can edit it.
Note: You can type virtual machine in the search bar to list all the virtual machines associated with the host.

Extend User Search for Alert Assignment

In vRealize Operations now you can search for a user and assign alerts to that user using the following filter options.
  • User name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
vRealize Operations displays the details of the searched user in search results, you can use the details to assign the alert to specific user.