With the host registration management workflows, you can add a host to a cluster, disconnect, or reconnect a host from a cluster, and so on.

To access these workflows, navigate to Library > Workflows and enter the vcenter, host_management and registration tags in the workflow search box.

Workflow Name Description
Add host to cluster Adds a host to the cluster. This workflow fails if it cannot authenticate the SSL certificate of the host.
Add standalone host Registers a host as a standalone host.
Disconnect host Disconnects a host from the vCenter instance.
Reconnect host Reconnects a disconnected host by providing only the host information.
Reconnect host with all information Reconnects a disconnected host by providing all information about the host.
Remove host Removes a host and unregisters it from the vCenter instance. If the host is part of a cluster, you must put it in maintenance mode before attempting to remove it.