With the Virtual SAN workflows, you can manage non-SSD disks and disk groups in a Virtual SAN cluster.

To access these workflows, navigate to Library > Workflows and enter the vcenter, storage and vsan tags in the workflow search box.

Workflow Name Description
Add disks to a disk group Adds non-SSD disks to a Virtual SAN disk group.
Claim disks into disk groups Claims disks for use by the Virtual SAN system and automatically creates disk groups and distributes the disks into existing disk groups.
Create a disk group Creates a Virtual SAN disk group.
List hosts, disk groups and disks Lists all hosts in a cluster, their disk groups and disks, used or eligible for use by the Virtual SAN system.
Remove disk groups Removes Virtual SAN disk groups.
Remove disks from disk groups Removes non-SSD disks from Virtual SAN disk groups.