The Configuration workflow category of the vCenter plug-in contains workflows that let you manage the connections to vCenter Server instances.

You can access these workflows from Library > vCenter > Configuration in the Workflows view of the vRealize Orchestrator client.

Workflow Name Description
Add a vCenter Server instance Configures vRealize Orchestrator to connect to a new vCenter Server instance so that you can run workflows over the objects in the vSphere infrastructure.
List the Orchestrator extensions of vCenter Server Lists all vRealize Orchestrator extensions of vCenter Server.
Register Orchestrator as a vCenter Server extension Registers the vRealize Orchestrator instance as a vCenter Server extension.
Remove a vCenter Server instance Removes a vCenter Server instance from the vRealize Orchestrator inventory. You cannot orchestrate this vCenter Server instance any longer.
Update a vCenter Server instance Updates the connection to a vCenter Server instance. For example, if the certificate or the IP address of your vCenter Server system changes, you must update the connection parameters to the vCenter Server instance so that you can manage your vSphere inventory with vRealize Orchestrator.
Unregister a vCenter Server extension Unregisters a vCenter Server extension.