A vRealize Suite edition contains individual products with different versions. To ensure interoperability, verify that the components of your vRealize Suite environment are the correct versions.

VMware vRealize Suite includes the following components or a subset of these components, based on the edition you purchased.

Table 1. Products of vRealize Suite

Product Name


vRealize Operations Manager

Collects performance data from each object at every level of your virtual environment, from individual virtual machines and disk drives to entire clusters and datacenters. It stores and analyzes the data, and uses that analysis to provide real-time information about problems, or potential problems, anywhere in your virtual environment.

vRealize Infrastructure Navigator

Provides automated discovery of application services, displays relationships, and maps dependencies of applications on virtualized compute, storage, and network resources.

vRealize Configuration Manager (Enterprise edition)

Automates configuration and compliance management across your virtual, physical and cloud environments, assessing them for operational and security compliance.

vRealize Hyperic (Full Hyperic functionality is in Enterprise Edition)

Provides monitoring of operating systems, middleware, and applications running in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

vRealize Log Insight

Provides scalable log aggregation and indexing for the vRealize Suite, including all editions of vSphere, with near real-time search and analytics capabilities. Log Insight collects, imports, and analyzes logs to provide real-time answers to problems related to systems, services, and applications, and derive important insights.

vRealize Automation

Helps deploy and provision business-relevant cloud services across private and public clouds, physical infrastructure, hypervisors, and public cloud providers. vRealize Automation Enterprise includes vRealize Automation Application Services.

vRealize Business, Standard, Advanced, or Enterprise

Provides greater visibility into financial aspects of your cloud infrastructure and lets you optimize and improve these operations.

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