VMware vRealize Suite complements VMware vCloud Suite, so that you can deliver infrastructure and applications across VMware vSphere and other hypervisors, physical infrastructure, and private and public clouds. vRealize Suite is available in Advanced and Enterprise editions.

VMware vRealize Suite Advanced

VMware vRealize Suite is a comprehensive management solution for provisioning and on-going management of infrastructure services that provides the following functions:

  • Rapid, self-service infrastructure provisioning

  • Infrastructure health, performance, and capacity monitoring across physical, virtual, and hybrid cloud deployments

  • Rapid creation of rate cards and automatic pricing of service catalog blueprints for use in a self-service portal

  • Benchmarks, usage metering, and public cloud comparison

  • Planning, controlling, and recovering costs expended in providing a full IT services stack, implementing cost transparency, cost optimization, and demand management

  • Detecting application dependencies, hypervisor change, and configuration management

VMware vRealize Suite Enterprise

VMware vRealize Suite is a complete management solution for deployment, on-going management, and compliance for infrastructure and applications, with the following additional benefits:

  • Rapid, self-service infrastructure and application provisioning

  • Automated configuration and deployment of multitier cloud applications and custom services

  • Detection of application performance

  • Regulatory compliance and OS-level change and configuration management

  • IT service level management

  • Detection of IT performance and value measures for all services and vendors, enabling IT to govern contractual commitments