You can containerize IIS website by using Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu.



  1. Verify the registry is and the base image is Microsoft.
  2. Review the docker file and update the file, if required.
  3. Enter the destination registry.
    Note: If you wish to use the embedded harbor shipped with the appliance as the destination registry, you must add additional entry in the Image registry page with the appliance IP as URL host in the https://applianceIP:9443 format. You cannot directly use the default entry listed as https://localhost:9443.
  4. Enter a proper image tag in the <repository>/<image>:<tag> format to push the image and artifacts.
  5. Click Containerize.


The Build Image task starts and later the Image Push task starts. After both these tasks complete successfully, you can use the image for further deployment.
Note: If the Image Push task fails, add the registry, and use it as destination registry; instead of Keep the source registry unchanged.