You can analyse application to identify the components that are eligible for transformation. Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu integrates with Cloud Suitability Analyzer (CSA), and during analyses generates a score between 1 to 10 to determine the application readiness for containerization.



  1. Click Analyze from the main menu.
  2. Click on the arrow next to the application name.
    You see the list of analyzable and non-analyzable components in the application.
  3. On the Analyzable tab,
    1. Click Analyze.
      • For WebLogic: The Analysis task internally uses Oracle’s WDT (Oracle WebLogic Server Deploy Tooling) to extract the domain information and also analyses discovered applications using Cloud Suitability Analyzer. It generates a model .yaml file that you can before containerization.
      • For Tomcat: The Analysis task discovers the tomcat instance for configuration from CATALINA_BASE, deployed applications, custom libraries, and DB resources and analyses discovered applications using Cloud Suitability Analyzer.
      • For JBoss: The Analysis task discovers the JBoss instance for deployed applications and analyses them using Cloud Suitability Analyzer.
      • For JAVA: The Analysis task discovers the application binary and analyse it using Cloud Suitability Analyzer.
      • You see the Analysis task is triggered on the tasks list.
      • After the task is successful, you can
        • see the list of services running in the component and its score determined by CSA.
          • If the score is 10, the application is in good state for containerization.
          • If the score is less (below 10), Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu provides a list of findings, and prepares a list of recommendations to update the application for containerization. You can continue to containerize, or you can tag the component to refactor and re-analyse, and then containerize.
        • click the service name to the details like its path, score and recommendations, if any.
        • click the plus sign next the Services field to add additional JAR, WAR or JAVA files, enter the service name, its path and, trigger the analysis to determine the score.
        • click the score to see different tabs:
          • Summary: provides detailed information of all applications, which includes count of files, class file, finding, technical score and recommendation.
          • Finidings: provides information specific to a service.
          • Charts: provides top APIs (upto 5) present in the service.
      If the analysis is successful, you see the Promote to Transform option available for use.
    2. Click the Promote to Transform option.
      Note: Once you promote the component to the transform phase, you cannot undo the operation. However, you can re-analyze the component, which updates the component scores and artifact meta data.
    3. Click Proceed on the confirmation page.
      You see the list of missing file names in the message prompt, if any.
      You see the status as Moved to Transform.

What to do next

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