You can open an object in Log Insight, NSX Manager or vSphere Web Client to display object-related information that you cannot get from vRealize Operations Manager, or when you need to make configuration changes.

You may want to open an object in an external application in the following cases:
  • When an alert is opened on an NSX for vSphere object, open the object in Log Insight to see the NSX logs that are associated with the time of the alert.
  • If an alert that is opened on an Edge notifies you that the Edge is not highly available, open the Edge in vSphere Web Client so that you can configure the Edge and make it highly available.
  • If an alert that is opened on the NSX manager notifies you that the NSX manager is not using secure FTP backups, from the alert open the NSX Manager and enable SFTP as the transfer protocol for backups.
This action can be performed in any widget that displays the Dashboard Navigation icon.


To display logging information in Log Insight, verify the following:


  1. Select an object or an alert in a widget.
  2. In the widget toolbar, click the Dashboard Navigation icon, and perform the required action.
    To Select
    Display information about the selected object in vSphere Web Client. Open <component> in vSphere Web Client.
    Display information about the selected object in NSX Manager, and configure it if required. Open in NSX Manager.
    Display logging information about selected alerts in Log Insight. View <component> log. Note