To register or add a new vCenter Server connection, do the following steps:


The VLA Service connects the virtual infrastructure with SAP LaMa and provides inventory and metrics. The VLA Service can connect to one or more vCenter Servers to provide services to LaMa. You can use commands to register (or add), modify, remove, test, and list vCenter Server connections. You must add at least one vCenter Server connection. When you add a vCenter Server connection, you need to associate a VMware vRealize Orchestrator with the vCenter Server that you are adding. This lets the LaMa service know which VMware vRealize Orchestrator to use to process actions on the vCenter Server objects.


  1. Go to the VLA console window.
  2. Execute the sudo command to get administrative access and enter the console user password that you provided when deploying the VLA (Step 9 of Deploy VLA)

    sudo -s

  3. Add an entry to the credentials database for the vCenter Server. To do this, enter the following command at the prompt:

    vla_credentials –a –s vcenter –n <vcenter-fqdn> -u <vcenter-user> -A <vro-id>

    • <vcenter-fqdn> is the fully qualified domain name of the vCenter Server you wish to connect to the VLA
    • <vcenter-user> is the name of the limited-rights vCenter Server user you previously created (Create and Configure a vCenter Server User (Inventory User))
    • <vro-id> is the ID for the VMware vRealize Orchestrator server you added in section (Connect to VMware vRealize Orchestrator). If you don't know the ID of the VMware vRealize Orchestrator Server, use the command vla_credentials -l, which returns output like the following:
      Figure 1. VLA Credentials

      For example:

      # vla_credentials -a -s vcenter -n -u user@vshpere.local -A vro0

      when prompted, enter the password for the user you specified.

  4. Look for a success message. If a failure message mentions a certificate checker error, you can override the certificate checker (See Certificate Check Completes with Errors)
  5. Refresh the browser window and look for the server in the VLA Server Dashboard. You should see an entry to the vCenter Server that you connected to in step 3 above.
  6. You can also type the following command at the prompt on the VLA console.

    vla_credentials -l

    Figure 2.
  7. For each additional vCenter Server repeat steps 3 through 6 in this section.