VMware Workspace™ ONE™ is a secure enterprise platform that delivers and manages applications on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices. Identity, application, and enterprise mobility management are integrated into the Workspace ONE platform.

VMware AirWatch® and VMware Identity Manager™ are integrated to give you the Workspace ONE catalog of applications and mobile access management services.

VMware Identity Manager services provide the identity-related components, including authentication for users who single sign-on to their resources. You create a set of policies that relate to networking and authentication to control access to these resources.

AirWatch services provide device enrollment, application distribution, and compliance checking tools to ensure that remote access devices meet corporate security standards. Users from AirWatch enrolled devices can log in to their enabled applications securely without entering multiple passwords.

For AirWatch documentation to support Workspace ONE, log in to your myAirWatch account at AirWatch.

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