Dashboards present a visual overview of the state of events in VMware Aria Operations for Logs (SaaS). A dashboard is a collection of widgets, in which each widget is associated with alerts or a query.

Dashboards are of three types - private, shared, and content pack dashboards. In the Dashboards page, for private and shared dashboards, the dashboard type is displayed under each dashboard name. For content pack dashboards, the content pack name is displayed instead.

The following permissions are applicable for the dashboard types:

Private Dashboards

  • Any user can create a private dashboard.
  • A user without administrator privileges can view only their private dashboards.

Shared Dashboards

  • Users cannot create shared dashboards directly. Instead, they can create private dashboards and share them with other users.
  • Any user can view the dashboards shared by them and with them by other users.
  • Only the dashboard creator or a user provided with write access while sharing can modify or remove a shared dashboard.
    Note: A user provided with write access can also modify the access control rights for a shared dashboard.
  • Only the dashboard creator can change a shared dashboard back to a private dashboard.

Content Pack Dashboards

  • Content pack dashboards are imported with content packs, so users cannot create or remove them.
  • All users can view content pack dashboards, but cannot modify them. They can only add minor enhancements for their convenience, such as:
    • Mark a dashboard as favorite.
    • View queries associated with widgets in a dashboard.
    • Add tags to a dashboard.
    • Add a dashboard to a list.
    • Filter or refresh dashboard content.
    • Select time ranges for dashboard content.
    • Set a dashboard as the landing page for the logged in user.
    • Export a dashboard in PDF format.
    • Clone a dashboard. The cloned dashboard is a private dashboard, and all the permissions for private dashboards are applicable for the clone.
    • Download the content pack associated with a dashboard from the Content Packs page and reimport the content pack as private for their shared content.