Using VMware Aria Operations for Networks, you can assess your on-premises environment for application migration to VMware Cloud.

Steps Procedure Description
Step 1 Data Source Addition
  1. Log in to VMware Cloud with your VMware ID.
  2. Meet the system requirements.
    1. Collector Recommendation and Other Requirements
    2. Supported Products and Versions
  3. Add VMware vCenter Server.
  4. Add on-premises NSX Manager & underlay switches. For procedure details, see Adding a Data Source.
  5. Add VMC vCenter
  6. Add VMware Cloud on AWS NSX Manager.
  7. Add VMware HCX.

VMware Aria Operations for Networks automatically detects if you are in the process of migrating your data center using VMware HCX and generates notifications to guide you in the following scenarios:

  • Adding cloud data sources.
  • Gaining visibility of your hybrid cloud environments.
  • Monitoring your cloud workloads.
  • Gaining visibility of your migrated workloads.

You can click the links on the notifications to add your cloud data sources, access your on-premises and cloud environments, or gain network visibility.

Step 2 Model Application