The VMware Aria Operations virtual appliance installation process consists of deploying the VMware Aria Operations OVA, once for each cluster node, accessing the product to set up cluster nodes according to their role, and logging in to configure the installation.

Figure 1. VMware Aria Operations Manager Installation Architecture
A flowchart depecting the VMware Aria Operations Manager installation.

To automate installation, configuration, upgrade, patch, configuration management, drift remediation and health from within a single pane of glass, you can use VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager. If you are a new user, click here to install VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager. This provides the IT Managers of Cloud admin resources to focus on business-critical initiatives, while improving time to value (TTV),reliability, and and consistency.

You can also install upgrade VMware Aria Operations by using VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager. For more information, see Create a new private cloud environment.