You must instantiate the Concord operator container to run the Wedge and Unwedge commands within the operator instance to gracefully pause all the Replica nodes at the same checkpoint.

You can only use one Client node, which is part of the original blockchain, as an Concord operator container.


Reboot the Concord operator container before using an operator container from a different Client node.


  • Identify the Client node IP address from the VMware Blockchain Orchestrator output directory, /home/blockchain/output.

  • Verify that you can SSH into the Client node.

  • Verify that the private operator key for the VMware Blockchain Orchestrator is available. See Generate Operator Keys.


  1. SSH into a Client node designated to host the operator Client node.
  2. Verify that the Client node has a Concord operator container image and identify the operator image ID.

    docker images | grep "operator"

  3. Verify that the Concord operator container configuration file is available.
    sudo cat /config/daml-ledger-api/concord-operator/operator.config
  4. Add the private operator key.

    The ENABLE_LOWER_END_WORKLOADS parameter value must be True.

    docker run -ti --network=blockchain-fabric --name=operator --entrypoint /operator/ --rm -v /config/daml-ledger-api/concord-operator:/operator/config-local -v /config/daml-ledger-api/concord-operator:/concord/config-public -v /config/clientservice/tls_certs:/config/clientservice/tls_certs -v /config/daml-ledger-api/config-public:/operator/config-public <OP_IMAGE_ID>
  5. If the Secure Store type is INSECURE, add the private operator key to a file on the disk and run the following command.
    sudo vi /config/daml-ledger-api/concord-operator/operator_priv.pem
  6. Launch the Concord operator container.
    curl -X POST
  7. Access the Concord operator container.
    docker exec -it operator bash
  8. Check whether the Concord operator container is functioning properly.
    ./concop wedge status
    ./concop scale --clients status
    ./concop scale --replicas status
  9. (Optional) Stop the Concord operator container.
    curl -X POST -H "content-type: application/json" --data '{ "containerNames" : ["operator"] }'