Verify that the newly deployed Client nodes are operational and include the parameter values defined in the deployment descriptor.


Verify that the VMware Blockchain nodes are deployed. See Deploy VMware Blockchain Nodes Using VMware Blockchain Orchestrator on AWS.


  1. SSH into the Client node.
  2. Enter the login credentials for the VMware Blockchain user account.
  3. View all the running containers, and run the docker ps -a command.
  4. Verify that the following containers are running.
    • daml_ledger_api

    • daml_index_db

    • wavefront-proxy (optional)

      This container appears if you have set up metrics and enabled a Tanzu Observability by Wavefront service account.

    • Fluentd

    • Agent

    • telegraf

    • jaeger-agent

  5. To view the Daml Ledger container logs, and run the docker logs –daml_ledger_api command.

    Sample messages appear.

    INFO c.d.d.o.v.w.s.TRClient - Thin Replica Client INFO Started Index Server
  6. (Optional) To validate the uptime of service, list server calls.
    sudo grpcurl -plaintext localhost:6865 list
  7. (Optional) Select a different Client node IP address and repeat the validation steps.
  8. If you enabled the Client node back up, verify that the backup is configured properly.
    curl -X GET

    The call returns the following API response from the Client node.

        "backup_state": {
            "state": "ENABLED",
            "state_change_time": "2021-11-29T22:40:33.828981Z[UTC]"
        "execution_error": "",
        "execution_message": "... some message ...",
        "execution_status_code": 0,
        "last_run_end_time": "2021-11-29T22:29:25.71632Z[UTC]",
        "last_run_start_time": "2021-11-29T22:29:09.876718Z[UTC]"
        "in_progress": false
  9. Verify that the backup_state value is ENABLED and execution_status_code value is 0.