Some Carbon Black App Control features require configuration of a mail server so that messages can be sent to administrators or endpoint users.

The current features that require a mail server are:

  • Alerts – Email notification of administrators when an Carbon Black App Control alert is triggered. See Creating Alerts for more information about alerts.
  • Approval Requests – Email notification of a user when their Approval Request is closed. See Reviewing and Resolving Requests and Justifications for more information about Approval Request responses.

To enable email notifications, you must give the Carbon Black App Control Server access to a Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) server to send messages when notification conditions are met. You configure this server on the Mail tab of the System Configuration page. You can:

  • Specify the mail server for notifications.
  • Select standard or secure mail for notifications.
  • Enable or disable sending of alert mail to subscribers of specific alerts.
  • Specify an optional global subscriber to receive all alert emails.
  • Enable or disable automatic delivery of approval request response email.

The following table describes all fields for these options.

Table 1. Mail Configuration settings



Alert Settings: Mail Notification Enabled

Determines whether email subscribers to Carbon Black App Control alerts receive email when the alerts are triggered. You can deactivate this if you are monitoring alerts closely on the Carbon Black App Control Console, or are generating a large number of alerts during testing or monitoring activities. Enabled by default.

Alert Settings: Global Subscriber Enabled

Determines whether a global subscriber to email alerts is enabled. If enabled and a subscriber is entered in the Global subscriber field, the subscriber receives email every time any Carbon Black App Control alert is triggered.

Alert Settings: Global Subscriber

Email address of the global alert subscriber. Appears only if Global Subscriber Enabled is selected.

Approval Request Settings: Mail Notification Enabled

Determines whether the user making an Approval Request receives automatic email when the request is closed. Disabled by default.

Server Settings: Mail Server

Mail server address. This can be an IP address or a fully qualified domain name.

Server Settings: Mail Server Port

Port for the mail server. Specify the port in use for your server. Default value of 25 is used for standard SMTP mail; default value of 587 is used for Secure Mail. Make sure the port you use is available for outbound traffic.

Server Settings: Mail “From” Address

Address used as the from address in notification emails.

The from address need not be an actual, functioning email address, but it must be in the proper syntax for an email address (e.g.,, or it generates event log errors. Some mail servers automatically discard email without a proper from address.

Server Settings: Secure Mail (TLS)

Determines whether email is sent by Secure Mail. Secure Mail requires a username and password to authenticate communication with the email server.

You cannot use Secure Mail with an account that requires multi-factor authentication. Use of such an account causes Carbon Black App Control notifications to fail.

Server Settings: Secure Mail Username

Username for authenticating access to the mail server. Displays only if Secure Mail (TLS) is selected.

Server Settings: Secure Mail Password/Confirm Password

The password for authenticating access to the mail server. Must be entered in both password fields. Appears only if Secure Mail (TLS) is selected.

Validate Server: Test Address

Email address used to test your email server configuration. For example, you can use your own email address so that you can click the Send Mail button and immediately know whether the mail server configuration works. Run the test before the settings on this page are updated so that any issues are exposed and can be remedied.