You will need some or all of the following documents to accomplish App Control tasks not covered in this document. Unless otherwise noted, all documents are available at

Some of these documents are updated with every new released build while others are updated only for minor or major version changes:

  • VMware Carbon Black App Control Server Operating Environment Requirements – Describes the hardware and software platform requirements for App Control Server, the SQL Server database that stores App Control data, and the App Control Agent.
  • VMware Carbon Black App Control SQL Server Configuration – Describes some of SQL best practices as well as pre- and post-installation tasks that are necessary to ensure proper database operation.
  • VMware Carbon Black App Control Agents OERs – Describes the currently supported agents and the operating systems on which they are supported. These documents are maintained on VMware Docs.
  • VMware Carbon Black App Control User Guide – Provides full information about configuring and operating the App Control Server.
  • VMware Carbon Black App Control Release Notes – Provide information about new features, corrective content, and known issues with that release. These documents are specific to the version and build of App Control Server or agent. See: VMware Docs
  • VMware Carbon Black App Control Events Guide – Provides a detailed inventory of events recorded by the App Control Server and includes instructions for integrating event data with third-party SIEM systems via Syslog.
  • VMware Carbon Black App Control API documentation – Documentation for the App Control REST API can be found at . See Appendix B, “App Control API,” in Using App Control for more information about Carbon Black API documentation.

In addition to the documents listed above, the Carbon Black User Exchange includes other, more specialized documentation that may be of use in planning or maintaining your App Control Server installation. Use the “Documentation and Downloads” button on the App Control page in the User Exchange to search for these documents.