This document provides instructions regarding the installation and initial configuration of the server.

This document is organized as follows:




Preparing for Server Installation

Provides an installation overview and background information helpful to know before you begin installing the App Control Server.


Installing the App Control Server

Explains how to install (or upgrade) and start the App Control Server software.


The App Control Console

Explains how to log in to the App Control Console.

  • This guide, which focuses on App Control Server installation, does not include full instructions for installing third-party products, such as Windows Server, SQL Server, or products and services integrated through the App Control Connector. For any third-party product that you install separately for use with App Control, see the documentation that came with the product.

  • Instructions for uploading agent installers to the server and installing the App Control Agent on computers to be managed by the App Control Server are in the VMware Carbon Black App Control Agent Installation Guide.