Enabling Edit mode on the Unified Management page displays fields on the panels for client servers. These fields vary depending upon whether the client server is connected.

  • Show/Hide Configuration – Clicking this field toggles the Configuration fields on and off for a client server.
  • Temporary Disconnect – For a connected client server, clicking Temporary Disconnect disconnects the client server but retains its configuration information. File information about disconnected client servers does not appear on the management server.
  • Reconnect – For a temporarily disconnected client server, clicking Reconnect puts the client server back under Unified Management control, and any rules previously applied by Unified Management remain centrally managed.
  • The delete button – To delete the client server from Unified Management, click this button. Rules that Unified Management applied to the client server remain on the disconnected client server, but they become local rules and are not centrally managed even if you return this server to Unified Management at a later time.

The actions taken in Edit mode include a confirmation dialog box. An action goes into effect when you click Update.