This section describes how to install Carbon Black Cloud Windows sensors on the command line or through software distribution tools.

Important: Before you begin the processes described here, read Getting Started with Sensor Installation. It contains highly relevant information to help you succeed in your sensor installation.

Before you can install sensors, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Obtain a Company Registration Code

Step 2: Download Sensor Kits

You can optionally verify the Windows sensor signatures before installing the sensor. See Verifying Windows Sensor Digital Signatures.

If you are installing Windows sensors v3.5 or later, you can install sensors offline. This is useful for organizations who want to create a primary image and clone it to offline computers. This option is only available if you are installing sensors on the command line, or by using software distribution tools. See also Windows Sensor Supported Commands.

Note: With the release of the Windows 3.6 sensor, you can supply either the installation code (obtained via email — see To Invite Users to Install Sensors) or the company code (obtained via the console — see Step 1: Obtain a Company Registration Code).

For VMware Workspace One installation instructions, see Deploying VMware Carbon Black Cloud Sensor with Workspace ONE UEM.
Important: The 3.6 Windows sensor leverages a content management system to enable dynamic configuration of prevention features. Prior to installing or updating to 3.6, if you have restrictive firewall policies active in your environment, you might need to add a new firewall/proxy exclusion for the sensor to be fully functional. See Configure a Firewall.