You can use sensor groups to apply policy settings across multiple sensors at once. New endpoints in a sensor group are automatically protected by the policy associated with that sensor group.

Important: Asset Groups is available to Carbon Black Cloud customers on 27 November 2023. Carbon Black recommends that you upgrade from Sensor Groups to Asset Groups as soon as it is operationally feasible for your organization. Sensor Groups will retire on 01 December 2024. See Asset Groups and Sensor Groups and Upgrading to Asset Groups from Sensor Groups.

About Sensor Groups

New sensors are automatically assigned to a single policy based on the metadata that is associated with the sensor and the criteria that you define. If a sensor does not match the criteria of an existing sensor group, it is automatically assigned to the Standard policy.

Only sensors that match all of the criteria of a sensor group are added to that group. Therefore, sensor group assignments are not permanent. If a sensor no longer meets a group's criteria, it is moved to another group it matches, or is assigned the Standard policy. You can change the match all criteria setting by either:

  • Clicking the drop-down menu for the relevant sensors and enabling an OR condition.
  • Changing the all setting to any.

A sensor can only belong to one sensor group at a time. If a sensor matches the criteria for multiple sensor groups, it is assigned to the highest priority sensor group based on the sensor group order. See: Modify Sensor Group Priority.

If you manually assign policies to endpoints, these policies take precedence over policies assigned through a sensor group membership, even if the associated sensor matches all the criteria of the sensor group.