VMware Cloud Director App Launchpad 2.1.2 | 17 NOV 2022 | Build 20764259

Check for additions and updates to these release notes.

What's New

VMware Cloud Director App Launchpad 2.1.2 provides the following new capabilities:

  • VMware Application Catalog (VAC) Helm chart support

    • Service providers can import VAC helm chart repositories into App Launchpad.

    • Tenant users can deploy VAC helm charts to Kubernetes clusters.

  • Container Service Extension (CSE) 4.0 support

    Tenant users can provision Kubernetes clusters using CSE 4.0.


You can upgrade to App Launchpad 2.1.2 from versions 2.x. See Upgrade App Launchpad.

Supported Browsers

App Launchpad is compatible with the current major and previous major release of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Microsoft Edge

Note: You access App Launchpad by using the VMware Cloud Director service provider admin and tenant portals. The Web browsers that App Launchpad supports depend on the VMware Cloud Director version that you run.

Product Documentation

In addition to the current release notes, you can use the App Launchpad documentation set at https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Cloud-Director-App-Launchpad/index.html.

Known Issues

  • New - Importing all Bitnami Helm Chart applications from VMware Marketplace fails with an error

    When the service provider tries to import all Bitnami Helm Chart applications from VMware Marketplace, at the same time, the process fails with an error.

    Workaround: Import the applications page by page.

  • Importing OVF applications to a catalog fails with an error

    When you try to import an OVF application to a catalog, the process fails with the following error: InvalidAlgorithmParameterException: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty

    1. Login to the App Launchpad server as root or sudo user.

    2. Navigate to the local host file and add a new host mapping for ${public-cloud-director-FQDN} to ${internal-cloud-director-IP}.

    3. To specify the public VMware Cloud Director FQDN in the parameter --url, run the command alp connect again.

    4. Restart the App Launchpad service by running the command systemctl restart alp.

  • Bitnami VM applications are in UNKNOWN state after an import from VMware marketplace.

    When the service provider tries to import new apps from a catalog, the apps are consistently in UKNOWN state.

    1. Open the VMware Cloud Director provider portal.

    2. Click on Resources and open the tenant portal for the organization AppLaunchpad.

    3. Click Libraries.

    4. Click Catalog and select the catalog from which you are trying to import a vApp.

    5. Click All Actions, then click Subscribe Settings, and enable theAutomatically download the content from an external catalog option.

    6. Click Save, select the catalog and then click SYNC.

      The app status synchronizes between VMware Cloud Director and Marketplace after a short period of time.

  • Bitnami VM applications are not imported successfully from VMware Marketplace

    If you import Bitnami VM applications to multiple VMware Cloud Director sites from VMware Marketplace, and in the catalog selection, you choose or create catalogs with the same name, the import fails.

    Workaround: On different VMware Cloud Director sites, use different catalog names during app import.

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