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What's New in the App Launchpad Documentation

  • Starting with App Launchpad 2.0, service providers can display container applications from Helm Charts in the App Launchpad catalogs. Tenant users can deploy these container applications to a Kubernetes cluster.

    When deploying container applications, tenant users can edit the YAML file for the application during the launch process.

    To enable deployment of container applications, a Kubernetes cluster that is managed by VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension, or VMware vSphere with Kubernetes (formerly known as Project Pacific) is required.

    For more information about configuring container applications in App Launchpad see Before You Begin, Connect to a Helm Chart, and Add Applications from a Helm Chart.

    For more information about launching container applications, see Launch a Container Application.

  • You can integrate App Launchpad 2.0 with the VMware Cloud Marketplace and can pull container applications and subscribe to VM applications.

    You can use of the VMware Cloud Marketplace auto-sync feature for VM applications. App Launchpad 2.0 introduces the ability to automatically remove old versions of VM applications, when new versions are pulled from VMware Cloud Marketplace using the auto-sync feature.

    See Connect to VMware Cloud Marketplace and Add Applications from VMware Cloud Marketplace.

  • With the enhanced support for custom applications, service providers can import their in-house applications by providing a URL.

    As a service provider, you can also customize logos, text summaries, version numbers, operating systems, and category tags for your custom VM applications.

    See Add Custom VM Applications.

  • You can run App Launchpad as an extension of the VMware Cloud Director Service.

    To work with VMware Cloud Director service, App Launchpad 2.0 supports the MQTT message bus. When working with VMware Cloud Director service, App Launchpad supports adding and launching VM applications. 

  • As a service provider, you can define categories and add apps to categories to assist with managing application catalogs. See Managing Categories.
  • Service providers can add global custom information for applications. See Add Custom Information for Applications.
  • App Launchpad 2.0 introduces a public API that can be used to programmatically drive most tenant and service provider functions. See http://code.vmware.com/apis/1036/cloud-director-app-launchpad.

The following diagram illustrates the updated architecture of App Launchpad.

App Launchpad Architecture displaying connections between App Launchpad and external components and VMware Cloud API and VMware Cloud Marketplace connections.

Other Resources

For more information about using App Launchpad with VMware Cloud Director service, see the Deploy any Application using App Launchpad on Cloud Director Service blog post.