As either a provider or as a tenant, subscribe for a summary of the VMware Cloud Director Availability protections and migrations for the week by using the email delivery channel.

Since VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.6, both providers and their tenants can subscribe for a weekly summary email that contains the numbers of active/new/deleted protections and migrations performed last week.

The subscribers remain informed about what is happening with their replications without logging in. Their weekly summary report:

  • Counts only incoming replications* to the cloud site.
  • Counts the current state for active protections and migrations.
  • Counts all of the performed: failover, test, migrate, new and deleted replications for the specified period, and the total data transferred this week.
  • As a provider, to see the report in the management interface of VMware Cloud Director Availability, in the left pane click Reports. For more information, see View the activity summary report in the Cloud Director site as a provider in the User Guide.
Note: * Replications using the VMC data engine are not part of the summary report.
  • The report can be sent with a date of a maximum of one week earlier than the subscription date.
  • The providers see data for each organization and for each replication, while the tenants see data only for their organization and only for replications owned by their organization.

For information about the events and notifications, see Events and notifications.


  • Verify that VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.6 or later is deployed in the cloud site for sending weekly summary emails.
  • To use the email delivery channel for weekly summary, verify that the SMTP settings are configured depending on the site:
    • For Cloud Director sites, configure the SMTP settings in VMware Cloud Director. For more information, see Configure the System Email Settings in the VMware Cloud Director Service Provider Admin Guide.


  1. Log in to VMware Cloud Director Availability.
    1. In a Web browser, go to https://Appliance-IP-Address.
    2. Enter the user credentials and click Login.
  2. In the left pane, under Configuration click Events and Notifications.
    Note: To forward the weekly summary events by email, first configure this delivery channel. While not yet configured, the Weekly summary email displays Email is not configured and Subscribe remains dimmed.
  3. In Cloud Director sites, to subscribe tenants for weekly summary emails if you logged in as a provider, click Tenants event notifications then from the Organization drop-down menu, select the organization for which you want to edit the weekly summary email configuration.
    Skip this step for vSphere DR and migration or when logged as a tenant, as you can configure the weekly summary email only for your organization.
  4. (Optional) Once the email delivery channel is configured, to subscribe for the weekly summary email, next to Weekly summary email click Subscribe.
  5. (Optional) In the Subscribe for weekly summary email window, schedule the day of the week and the time for sending the weekly summary email then click Subscribe.


At the scheduled time, a weekly summary email is sent, containing the unique numbers of protections and of migrations events for the week. For Cloud Director sites, the provider receives a summary email containing the numbers of each organization.