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About VMware Cloud Director service

VMware Cloud Director service is a cloud-service delivery application that enables service providers to deliver virtual infrastructure resources in a multitenant cloud environment.

To learn more, see VMware Cloud Director service.


VMware Cloud Director service API documentation is available on VMware {code}.

VMware Cloud Director Guides

VMware Cloud Director Extensions and Tools

VMware Cloud Director Object Storage

You can use VMware Cloud Director Object Storage to consume and operate an S3-compliant object storage service that is fully integrated into VMware Cloud Director.

To learn more, visit VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension Documentation.
VMware Cloud Director App Launchpad

App Launchpad is a plug-in that enables VMware Cloud Director service providers to offer to tenants a marketplace of applications within VMware Cloud Director. Through the App Launchpad user interface, tenants can easily access and launch applications from VMware Cloud Director content catalogs.

To learn more, visit VMware Cloud Director App Launchpad Documentation.
Terraform Provider

You can use the VMware Cloud Director Terraform Provider to interact with the resources supported by VMware Cloud Director.

For information, see the documentation in the Terraform Registry at https://registry.terraform.io/providers/vmware/vcd/latest/docs.