You can view the status of the cells in a database HA cluster, you can back up and restore the embedded database, you can reconfigure the appliance settings.

After you deploy the VMware Cloud Director appliance, you cannot change the eth0 and eth1 network IP addresses or the hostname of the appliance. If you want the VMware Cloud Director appliance to have different addresses or hostname, you must deploy a new appliance.

If you must perform maintenance of an appliance that requires shutting down the database high availability cluster, to avoid synchronization problems, you must first shut down the primary appliance and then the standby appliances.

Note: If your cluster is configured for automatic failover, after you deploy one or more additional cells, you must use the Appliance API to reset the cluster failover mode to Automatic. See the VMware Cloud Director Appliance API. The default failover mode for new cells is Manual. If the failover mode is inconsistent across the nodes of the cluster, the cluster failover mode is Indeterminate. The Indeterminate mode can lead to inconsistent cluster states between the nodes and nodes following an old primary cell. To view the cluster failover mode, see View the VMware Cloud Director Appliance Cluster Health and Failover Mode.