With the manage-config subcommand of the cell management tool, you can update different application configuration settings such as catalog throttling activities.

Note: The VMware Cloud Director 10.4 version of this topic is located in the VMware Cloud Director Service Provider Admin Portal Guide. See Updating Application Configuration Settings.
Table 1. Cell Management Tool Options and Arguments, manage-config Subcommand
Option Argument Description
--help (-h) None Provides a summary of available options with this subcommand.
--delete (-d) None Removes the target configuration setting.
--lookup (-l) None Look up the value of the target configuration setting.
--name (-n) Configuration setting name The name of the target configuration setting.

Required with options -d, -l, and -v.

--value (-v) Configuration setting value Adds or updates the value for the target configuration setting.

For example, you can use the manage-config subcommand for Configuring Catalog Synchronization Throttling.