Use the cell-application command of the cell management tool to control the set of applications that the cell runs on startup.

A VMware Cloud Director runs a number of applications that provide services that VMware Cloud Director clients require. The cell starts a subset of these applications by default. All members of that subset are typically required to support a VMware Cloud Director installation.

To view or change the list of applications that run when the cell starts, use a command line with the following form:
cell-management-tool -u sysadmin-username -p sysadmin-password cell-application command
Username of a VMware Cloud Director system administrator.
Password of the VMware Cloud Director system administrator. You must quote the password if it contains special characters.

You can supply the VMware Cloud Director system administrator password on the cell-management-tool command line, but it is more secure to omit the password. This causes the cell-management-tool to prompt for the password, which does not display on the screen as you type.

As an alternative to providing system administrator credentials, you can use the --pid option and provide the process ID of the cell process. To find the process ID of the cell, use a command like this one:
cat /var/run/
cell-application subcommand.
Table 1. Cell Management Tool Options and Arguments, cell-application Subcommand
Command Argument Description
--help (-h) None Provides a summary of available commands in this category.
--application-states None List the cell applications and their current states.
--disable Application ID Prevent this cell application from running at cell startup.
--enable Application ID Enable this cell application to run at cell startup.
--pid (-i) Process ID of the cell process You can use this option instead of -u or -u and -p.
--list None List all cell applications and show whether they are enabled to run at cell startup.
--password (-p) VMware Cloud Director administrator password Optional. The command will prompt for the password if you do not supply it on the command line.
--set Semicolon-separated list of application IDs. Specify the set of cell applications that run at cell startup. This command overwrites the existing set of cell applications that start at cell startup. Use --enable or --disable to change the startup state of a single application.
--username (-u) VMware Cloud Director administrator user name. Required if not specifying --pid

Listing Cell Applications and Their Startup States

The following cell-management-tool command line requires system administrator credentials and returns the list of cell applications and their startup states.
[root@cell1 /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/bin]# ./cell-management-tool -u administrator cell-application --list
Please enter the administrator password:

 name                     id               enabled  description                                 

 Networking      true     Exposes NSX api endpoints directly from vCD.
 Console Proxy   true     Proxies VM console data connection...       
 Cloud Proxy     true     Proxies TCP connections from a tenant site. 
 Compute Service Broker true     Allows registering with a service control...
 Maintenance Application false    Indicates to users the cell is undergo ...  
 Core Cell Application true     Main cell application, Flex UI and REST API.