VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is an on-demand disaster recovery and ransomware recovery service that provides an easy-to-use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, and offers cloud economics to keep your recovery costs under control.

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You can use VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery (commonly called VMware Cloud DR or VCDR) to protect your vSphere virtual machines (VMs) by replicating them to the cloud, and recovering them to a target VMware Cloud on AWS Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) on VMware Cloud on AWS. You can create the target "recovery" SDDC immediately prior to performing a recovery, and it does not need to be provisioned to support replications in the steady state.

You can also use VMware Cloud DR for ransomware recovery, using a recovery SDDC as an isolated recovery environment (IRE) where you can inspect, analyze, and repair snapshots of infected VMs so you can restore them to a production environment.

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You can protect VMs in vSphere environments running on any storage with the DRaaS Connector. With the DRaaS Connector in a vSphere environment (on-premises or cloud), you can back up VMs using protection groups which replicate to a cloud file system using regularly scheduled snapshots. You can define which snapshots to use if there is a disaster or planned recovery using recovery plans. VMs captured in snapshots are then restarted on the recovery SDDC in VMware Cloud on AWS.

VMware Cloud DR lets you deploy a Recovery SDDC in VMware Cloud on AWS (or add an existing SDDC for recovery) to use for recovery and testing of your recovery plans and for ransomware recovery. You can add hosts, clusters, new networks, request public IP addresses, configure NAT rules, and also delete the recovery SDDC.

In the event of a disaster or ransomware attack, you can recover VMs from your protected site to your recovery SDDC. You can recover from disaster when your production site is ready. For ransomware, you can repair infected VMs in the isolated recovery SDDC environment and restore clean and validated VMs back to a production site.

Continuous health checks verify the integrity of a plan to ensure that any changes in the recovery operation environment do not invalidate the plan’s directives when the plan is run. Health checks also ensure that the specified protection groups continue to be live on the protected site, and are replicated successfully to the target site. Health checks run automatically every 30 minutes for activated plans. Plans can go out of health if any of their conditions are not accurate due to environmental or plan configuration changes.

VMware Cloud DR provides report generation in the PDF format for recovery and test recovery operations, plan configuration changes, and health checks. For those events and alarms that are considered more important and require attention, you can configure email alerts to be sent to users.

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You can learn about deploying, managing, and administering VMware Cloud DR by reading the documentation, and by watching videos on the VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery video channel.

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