You can deploy a VMware Cloud on AWS recovery SDDC and configure it as a site for both disaster and ransomware recovery.

In addition to deploying a new recovery SDDC in VMware Cloud DR (sometimes called VCDR), you can also add an existing SDDC for recovery. For more information, see Add an Existing SDDC. Once you deploy a VMware Cloud on AWS in a recovery region, it cannot be used in another recovery region.

You can deploy a recovery SDDCs using i3en, i3n, and i4i hosts.

Deploying a recovery SDDC is restricted by the following caveats:
  • VMware Cloud on AWS recovery SDDCs are restricted by VMware Cloud on AWS configuration limits. For example, if you want to know the currently supported maximum number of hosts per cluster, the maximum number of SDDCs per region, or the maximum number of SDDCs per Organization, and more, see VMware Confguration Maximums.
  • Stretched clusters are not supported for recovery SDDCs.
  • If you need PCI hardening for your recovery SDDC, contact VMware Support for assistance.
Important: For more information about VMware Cloud DR configuration limits, visit the VMware Configuration Maximums tool.