You can view SDDC information from the VMC GovCloud Console , and you can get support. For fast resolution of your problem, it's important that you provide details about your environment.

See Get Support for additional details on getting help and support.


  1. Log in to the VMC GovCloud Console at
  2. Click View Details and select a tab.
    Tab Description
    Summary Displays usage information. This tab does not always update immediately.
    Networking & Security Allows you to view and change networking for your SDDC. See VMware Cloud on AWS Networking and Security.
    Add Ons There are two add-on services that are available in this SDDC.

    VMware HCX and Log Intelligence. For more information, see VMware HCX Documentation .


    Includes tests for connectivity and other use cases.

    To get Support for GovCloud customers, you can call the VMware Federal Support phone number at 877.869-2730. For more information, see

    Settings The Settings page displays information about SDDC settings, pre-defined user accounts, and SDDC access via the API and PowerCLI.
    SDDC Management Appliance Size
    Displays the size of management appliances in this SDDC. These sizes were specified when the SDDC was created.
    Default vCenter User Account

    Displays the credentials for this pre-defined user. The password is generated when the SDDC is created. If you change it in vCenter, it does not get not updated on this page.

    vSphere Client (HTML5)

    Click this link to open the SDDC vCenter with the vSphere client. Log in as the default vCenter user.

    vCenter Server API Explorer

    Click this link to open the API Explorer view of this SDDC and access the VMC REST API.

    PowerCLI Connect
    Copy this command string and paste it into a PowerCLI window. Replace the password with the one for the default vCenter user account. If that password includes special characters, enclose it in single quotes.
    vCenter FQDN
    Shows the fully-qualified domain name of the vCenter in this SDDC and enables you to specify the associated IP address. See Set vCenter Server FQDN Resolution Address in the VMware Cloud on AWS Networking and Security Guide.
    Support You use the information in this tab when working with VMware Technical Support.