Use the Storage tab of your SDDC to add external storage to a cluster.

VMware Cloud on AWS supports external storage starting with SDDC version 1.20. To request an upgrade to an existing SDDC, please contact VMware support or notify your Customer Success Manager.


External storage cannot be attached to stretched clusters.


  1. Log in to the VMC Console at
  2. In the VMC Console, open the Storage tab of your SDDC. Click ATTACH DATASTORE and fill in the required values.
    The External Storage card displays a table with a row for each cluster in the SDDC. Expand the row for a cluster to view its attached datastores, or to attach a new one.
    Cluster Select a cluster. Cluster-1 is preselected if there are no other clusters.
    Datastore Choose Attach a new datastore
    • NFS server address
    • Export
    • Storage Vendor
    NFS datastores only. See Configure Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP as External Storage
    Datastore Name Give the datastore a name. Datastore names must be unique within an SDDC.
    Click ATTACH DATASTORE to attach the datastore to the cluster.