Use the Storage tab of the VMware Cloud Console to add customer-managed storage to an SDDC cluster.

The Storage tab of the VMware Cloud Console gives you the tools you need to add, remove, and reconfigure mountable storage (filesystems) like NFS.

VMware Cloud on AWS supports external storage starting with SDDC version 1.20. For information about upgrading an SDDC, see Submit an Upgrade Schedule Request.

NFS Datastores

NFS datastore support within VMware Cloud on AWS provides independent customer-managed scaling of compute and storage within an SDDC. This data storage may store Virtual Machines, Virtual Disks, Content Libraries, ISO, and similar objects. You can attach any of the following VMware Cloud on AWS Certified NFS Storage targets from the VMware Cloud Console. Datastores are associated with and attached to vSphere clusters.
VPC Peering for External NFS Storage
Beginning with SDDC version 1.20, you can request a VPC peering connection to external NFS storage. The SDDC must be a Single-AZ SDDC. The VPC peered with the SDDC cannot have an IP address that overlaps with the SDDC CIDR and must be in the same AWS region as the SDDC.  See Introducing VPC Peering for External Storage for more information.
SIOC (storage I/O control) is not supported for use in VMware Cloud on AWS datastores and will be automatically disabled.
Integrated services that do not support NFS Datastores
  • VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery
  • VMware Site Recovery
  • Tanzu Services