Deploying a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) is the first step in making use of the VMware Cloud™ on AWS service. After you deploy the SDDC, you can view information about it and perform management tasks.

When you deploy an SDDC on VMware Cloud™ on AWS, it is created within an AWS account and VPC dedicated to your organization and managed by VMware.

The default topology deployed is shown below.

Figure 1. Default SDDC Topology

Management Gateway (MGW)

The MGW is an NSX Edge Security gateway that provides north-south network connectivity for the vCenter Server and NSX Manager running in the SDDC. The Internet-facing IP address (Public IP #1) is automatically assigned from the pool of AWS public IP addresses when the SDDC is created. The management logical network internal to your SDDC is assigned the CIDR block by default. When you create your SDDC, you can assign a different address block to prevent address conflicts with other environments that you connect to your SDDC.

Compute Gateway (CGW)

The CGW provides north-south network connectivity for virtual machines running in the SDDC. VMware Cloud™ on AWS creates a default logical network to provide networking for these VMs. You can create additional logical networks using the vSphere Client.