Deploy an SDDC to host your workloads in the cloud.

About this task

During the SDDC creation, you connect your SDDC to an AWS account, and select a VPC and subnet within that account. Using a CloudFormation template, VMware Cloud on AWS creates an Elastic Network Interface (ENI), allowing your SDDC and services in the Amazon VPC and subnet in your AWS account to communicate without needing to route traffic through the internet gateway. There is a one-to-one relationship between SDDCs and customer AWS accounts. You can only connect an SDDC to a single customer AWS account and Amazon VPC, and you may connect only one SDDC to a given AWS account.

Currently, you can deploy a maximum of 2 SDDCs with a minimum of 4 hosts per SDDC.


  • Ensure that you have an AWS account before you create an SDDC. The subnet you intend to connect should be in the same region that you plan to use for your SDDC.

  • Create an appropriate subnet with at least 64 IP addresses (a /26 CIDR block) in each availability zone (AZ) in your VPC. The IP address range of this subnet must not overlap with the IP Address range, which is reserved for the default compute gateway logical network of your SDDC.


  1. Log in to the VMC Console at
  2. Click Create SDDC.
  3. Connect to an AWS account.

    VMware has defined a CloudFormation template to connect an AWS account. This template creates the IAM roles necessary to allow communication between your SDDC and your AWS account.



    Use an existing AWS account

    From the Choose an AWS account drop-down, select an AWS account to use an AWS account that was previously connected to another SDDC.


    Ensure that you do not select an account that is currently connected to an active SDDC. VMware Cloud on AWS does not support connecting multiple SDDCs to the same AWS account.

    Connect a new AWS account

    1. From the Choose an AWS account drop-down. select Connect to a new AWS account.

    2. Click Open AWS Console with CloudFormation Template.

      The AWS console opens in a separate browser tab.

    3. On the Create Stack page, click I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources and click Create.

    The VMC Console shows the progress of the connection.

  4. Configure SDDC properties.
    1. Enter a name for your SDDC.
    2. Select the number of hosts in the SDDC.
    3. Select the AWS region in which to deploy the SDDC.

      The following regions are available:

      • US West (Oregon)

      • US East (N. Virginia)

      • EU (London)

  5. Select a VPC and a subnet in your AWS account to connect to.

    Choose a subnet with at least 64 IP addresses in it (a /26 CIDR block). If you don't have a VPC or a subnet that meets the requirements, log in to your AWS account and create them.

  6. Enter an IP address range for the management network as a CIDR block or leave the text box blank to use the default, which is

    You can't change the values specified for the management network after the SDDC has been created. Consider the following when you specify this address range:

    • The IP address range is reserved for the default compute gateway logical network of the SDDC you are deploying. If you specify a management network address range that overlaps with, no default compute gateway logical network is created during deployment and you will have to create one manually after the SDDC is deployed.

    • Only CIDR blocks of size /16, /20, or /23 are supported.

    • Choose a range of IP addresses that does not overlap with the AWS subnet you are connecting to. If you plan to connect your SDDC to an on-premises data center, the IP addresses you choose must be different from the ones in your on-premises data center, to avoid IP address conflicts.

    • The maximum number of hosts your SDDC can contain depends on the size of the CIDR block you specify. If the CIDR block is in the form XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/YY, then the maximum number of hosts the SDDC can contain is (2 ^(27 - YY)) - 3. The table shows the number of hosts based on the value of YY.

      YY (Number of bits in the CIDR block prefix)

      Number of hosts






      320 (10 clusters with at most 32 hosts per cluster.)


      CIDR blocks and are reserved.

  7. Click Deploy SDDC.


The SDDC takes some time to deploy.

What to do next

To connect to vCenter Server and manage your new SDDC, you must either configure a VPN connection to the management gateway or configure a firewall rule to allow access to vCenter Server.