If you have a Content Library in your on-premises data center, you can create a Content Library in your SDDC that subscribes to it, then publish it to import library items into your SDDC.

This method works for transferring OVF templates, ISO images, scripts, and other files.


  • You must have a Content Library in your on-premises data center. See Create a Library
  • Set up a VPN connection between your on-premises data center and your SDDC. See Configure a VPN Connection Between Your SDDC and On-Premises Data Center in the VMware Cloud on Public Cloud Networking and Security.


  1. Add your templates, ISO images, and scripts to the on-premises Content Library.
    All .vmtx templates are converted to OVF templates.
  2. Publish your on-premises Content Library.
  3. In your SDDC, create a Content Library that subscribes to the one you published in Step 2. Content is synchronized from your on-premises data center to your SDDC in VMware Cloud on Public Cloud.