As an organization owner you audit users' activity in your VMware Cloud services organization by reviewing event logs. By using an associated instance of vRealize Log Insight Cloud, you can monitor events triggered by your organization users as a result of activity with user logins, user management, API Tokens, OAuth Applications, and billing.

vRealize Log Insight Cloud is a VMware Cloud service and you need a paid or trial subscription to use it. For information about different subscription options, see vRealize Log Insight Cloud Subscriptions and Billing.

By using the vRealize Log Insight Cloud service, you get a wide range of auditing capabilities such as log filtering, archiving and forwarding. You access audit data for your organization by starting the vRealize Log Insight Cloud service in the Cloud Services Console. This way, you open the Audit Events for VMware Cloud Services dashboard where you see a visual overview of the events in your organization. If the dashboard is not enabled by default, select it for viewing from the Content Pack Dashboards tab of the Dashboards page.

For more information on using vRealize Log Insight Cloud refer to Using VMware vRealize Log Insight Cloud.

Note: If your organization does not have a vRealize Log Insight Cloud service subscription and you still want to view VMware Cloud services log events for the present or past period, as a workaround you obtain an audit report by filing a support ticket. You receive the report for the specified time period in an encrypted CSV file by email within 48 hours of creating your support request.

Who can view audit data in vRealize Log Insight Cloud

As an organization owner with vRealize Log Insight Cloud Admin service role, you can access all audit data for your organization in the associated vRealize Log Insight Cloud service instance for your organization.